The Most Popular Sex Toys For Women

For many women, sex toys are an important part of a fulfilling and satisfactory sex life. A variety of adult toys are available to make life more pleasurable. If you are trying to figure out which sex toys are the best to try, these toys should be the first on your list to try for yourself.

Wand Vibrators

Wands are among the most common types of vibrators. These toys offer high rates of vibration, which can make them quite intense. They can cause intense arousal and can also provide a lovely teasing sensation. For some women, these are the whole shebang, and for others, they are just part of the package.

Clitoral Vibrators

Some vibrators are more focused on clitoral stimulation. These are toys that can be applied to the clit with no need for internal stimulation. They are often quite small but can pack a punch, providing external fun.

Suction Vibrators

These toys use suction to simulate oral pleasure. These vibrators are a little more subtle than other vibrators, and they can be used on several parts of the anatomy to create pleasurable feelings. You can use these toys for clitoral stimulation, or you may choose to experiment elsewhere with the light vibration.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are also incredibly popular. These toys include both external vibration and G-spot stimulation. If you are interested in simulation on the outside and inside of your body, these toys may be right up your alley.


Next, you'll find that the dildo is very popular. Dildos can vibrate, but they do not always. They come in various sizes, but they almost always simulate penetration. They may look like realistic penises or offer different shapes for different experiences. Some dildos can be used with a harness and a partner as well.

Butt Plugs

Anal toys are also increasingly common for women. For many who want to experiment, butt plugs are great places to begin. They can stimulate some of the good feelings around the anus, and they are also safer to use than some other items due to the flared base.

Try Adult Toys for a More Pleasurable Sex Life

All of these adult toys can be used in conjunction with a partner or on your own. No matter how you use these toys, each one provides an opportunity for an improved intimate relationship, whether it is with yourself or with a partner. Go to a local adult toy store to learn more about women's sex toys.