5 Ways To Personalize Your Sympathy Flower Arrangements

Sympathy flower arrangements are meant to provide comfort, solidarity, and assistance to a grieving family. But could your arrangement do more toward achieving these goals? One important factor in expressing true sympathy through flowers is to personalize yours in meaningful ways. How can you do this on any budget and under any circumstances? Here are a few ways. 

1. Use Favorite Colors. Although sympathy arrangements tend toward certain calming colors, such as pastels or white, you can choose any colors you wish. If the deceased was known to have a favorite color, incorporate this into the flowers to celebrate them. It also shows the family that you care enough to go the extra step.

2. Choose Special Flowers. Flowers have their own meanings, although many people aren't often aware of this. A dark red rose signifies mourning and pink flowers convey grace or innocence. A gladiolus flower symbolizes honor and character. Talk with the florist about the deceased one's personality and your relationship with them so the florist can direct you to meaningful flowers.

3. Add Meaningful Words. The note attached to your arrangement is meant for the family and loved ones. Take the time to go beyond the standard sympathetic greeting. Write a meaningful note. Talk about what their late loved one meant to you. And offer something tangible in assistance to them. 

4. Deliver to the Right Place. Where are your flowers being sent or brought? Many sympathy arrangements are sent to the family's home before the funeral. However, yours will stand out more if you consider other places you might send yours. For instance, perhaps a grieving family member has to go back to work. Sending flowers to their workplace might make a big impact, since few may think to do so.

5. Prioritize the Family. Many gifts of flowers don't require much coordination but you should be on the lookout for opportunities to show deference to the family. Find out when is a good time and the right location to send flowers. If the funeral will have a color scheme, respect it. Don't take offense if the family overlooks your flowers. And inquire about any allergies before choosing blooms. The mourners will appreciate your kindness and concern for their interests.

Where to Start

By applying these few tips, you will ensure that your show of solidarity with grieving family members provides all the comfort possible. Start by visiting a flower shop, such as Sympathy Floral Studio, in your area today.,