Travel-Related Bags To Hand Out As A Promotion

If you operate a company that ties into the travel industry in any way, it's ideal to think about travel-related promotional products that you can order and hand out to your customers. Promotions companies have all sorts of travel products that people can use when they're flying, taking family road trips, or enjoying other types of travel. On this list, you'll see a wide range of bags that you can customize. The manner in which you customize these promotional bags is up to you. Some companies opt for a simple name and logo, while others go with bolder designs. Here are three travel-related bags that you can order.

Clear Backpack

Clear backpacks are becoming increasingly popular among air travelers. The transparent nature of this type of bag can save delays and headaches at an airport's security checkpoint. For example, if a security officer needs to identify a specific item in your bag, they might be able to do so without opening the bag and removing all the contents, thanks to the bag's clear nature. A lot of promotion companies have different types of clear backpacks that you can customize, and you can expect that a lot of the people to whom you distribute these products will use them during travel.

Toiletry Bag

Another good option to think about is customizing toiletry bags with your company's branding information. These bags, which people load with their personal toiletries before taking a trip, can be desirable for those who travel a lot. Their relatively small size makes toiletry bags inexpensive to customize and order for your company, which can be ideal if your promotional budget isn't very big. They're available in several different colors, so you can have fun choosing a look that best complements your company's branding information.

Duffel Bag

A lot of people carry duffel bags when they travel, which can make this type of bag a good promotional option for your company. Duffel bags are available in multiple sizes, so you may wish to think about ordering a few sizes. Frequent air travelers may favor using a small duffel bag as their personal carry-on luggage, while people who travel by car may favor a larger duffel bag because they don't face as many luggage size restrictions. You can get your branding information embroidered onto the exterior of these bags, which can offer an upscale look.

Learn more about travel-related promotional bags by getting in touch with a local promotions company.